Who are you?

Who are you to smile on their behalf?
when you hide their sorrows aside

Who are you to speak on their behalf?
when you do not speak their tongue

Who are you to dance on their behalf?
when you do not know their dance

Who are you to speak on their behalf?
when you tied their tongues too tight

Who are you to liberate them?
when you confine them in Full control

Who are you to speak on their behalf?
when you do not respect their idea

Who are you to wave on their behalf?
When you tied their hand too tight

Who are you to speak on their behalf?
when you do not Speak out the bitter truth

Who are you to pray on their behalf?
when you do not respect their religion

Who are you to speak on their behalf?
when you do not speak their heart out

Who are you to cry on their behalf?
when you do not feel their pains

By Sonsnow

52 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Hello Sonam, Thank you for following my blog. When I found your site and read some of your blogs, my heart ached for what the CCP has done to your country amongst many other countries. I wish ALL of the USA would read your blog. We are so immersed in our western world that we are a blinded population and many don’t appreciate our freedoms which are fading away…I will keep you and Tibet in my prayers. Blessings in Christ

  2. This, this is so profound Sonsnow. I think this truth applies to many areas of society and life. You really have crafted a very powerful piece here.

  3. A good prosecutor’s questions if a court could be summoned from just prayers. Difficult. Poignant silent sorrow speaking the secret languages of the oppressed. Opposition to a predator with nuclear weapons seems as futile as a lamb given a rifle and a megaphone to speak up for itself. Google does not translate the language of the lamb because the Predator language is one of pork, slaughter, and flu. They are evil incarnate willing to kill millions who would speak up. A propaganda empire can do well in a world where even free governments turn a blind eye to slaughter, and whispers can not be heard over the arrogant trumpets of a brain-washed nation held captive by the Party.

  4. Thank you for reading my site, Sonam. How impotent us masses are in the face of dictatorship and power. IF ONLY – two small words with a power of meaning – the few sane and caring giovernments in the world would pay heed and not close their eyes, letting greed and power dictate. Your poetry speaks well. I often weep for the oppressed and am so grateful to live in a democratic country. (English retired to Spain.) May you prosper, despite all barriers.

  5. I am a prisoner of the new Italian dictatorship. I cannot work without a green pass, I cannot enter school, I cannot be operated on in the hospital, I cannot receive medical assistance, I cannot go to the cinema, to the restaurant, to the theater and to museums. I cannot speak freely on the sites because I am censored, banned and deleted. My ideas are considered uncomfortable. I have health problems and I cannot buy medicine and I cannot work and my husband has lost his job and I hope that this dictatorship in Italy will end. I am close to you and I can understand how you are. I give you my hugh 🤗🤗🤗

  6. I cannot express how much your writing helped me at this moment in my life!!!! I will be back to read more! Thanks for following. I am honored and pray you will be blessed!

  7. Horrendous crimes have been done by the Chinese. Killings, destruction of temples, their culture and everything. Tibetans must be given back their well deserved lands!

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