Report on Drago

I had an opportunity to attend a discussion on the Report, “Desecration in Drago County” published by the Tibet Watch and the Free Tibet. This is one of the many pieces of evidence coming out of Tibet at the cost of many lives.

“Violence ensued with the Chinese police firing upon an entire family of a Tibetan protester, including their dog, a Tibetan
mastiff. Described by the source as a “rainstorm of bullets” (Tib: མེ་མདས་དྲག་ཆར་།), the shooting was reported by Tibetan media outlets» but not covered in wider English language media. Encircled at their home, the gunfire killed two brothers: Yeshi Samdup and his cousin Yeshi Rigsel. Their sibling Yonten Sangpo was shot in his neck, and Sanglha, their mother who was in her 70s, was shot in her left hand. Yonten’s wife
was tied outside her home in handcuffs while their house was ransacked by the police authorities; a sacred golden statue and some cash kept at their house was seized and their motorcycle was burned. Five little girls were also wounded. The police then tied a noose around the neck of Yeshi Samdup and Yeshi Rigsel and dragged their bodies downhill. Even as Yonten was profusely bleeding from the gunshot in his neck, he was
forcibly taken to the police station and beaten without mercy.”

We could imagine something like this happene only in the movies. But this is happening in Tibet, and Tibetans are witnessing and experiencing it in thier everyday lives.

Tibetan man arrested and unheard since then.

Tibetan man named Tseten was arrested a month ago from Dzendu, and his where about is unheard since then.

Amidst Chinese authorities arbitrarily arrest and detaining Tibetans with various baseless allegations and accusations, Tseten from Kyekudo was arrested by the Dzendu police in August. His where about is still not disclosed by the Chinese authorities.

The unnamed source from Tibet says, Tseten was arrest from Dzendu on his return from home town Chumar Lapzong, where he visited to meet his family members and relatives. His family members are still uninformed about on what ground he was arrested.

Although his family members visited police stations to inquire about the reasons of his arrest, the authorities have not shared any information. They were threatened by the authorities not to visit the station again.

In the recent years, Chinese government has been imparting patriotic education in the government schools and forcefully shutting down the Tibetan run schools that primarily focus in preserving the Tibetan language and culture. The writers, intellectuals and social service activist are constantly targeted and arbitrarily arrested with various baseless allegations and accusations.

On 24th August, five Tibetans from Serther Country in eastern Tibet were arrested in connection to organizing religious activities and one of them was killed with inhuman torture in prison.

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven Tibetans detained

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans were detained for sharing Covid-related photos and videos and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.
Amidst the rise in Covid cases in Tibet, China continue to enforce its Lockdown policies in the Tibet Autonomous Region and other parts of Tibet for the past month. Many Tibetans have been forcefully put into quarantine centres, which were poorly facilitated without proper meals and bedding facilities.

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans from Shantsazong, Lhasa and Chumar Lapzong were arrested for airing and sharing Covid-related information.

According to a source, they were arrested for sharing videos and photos about poorly facilitated quarantine centres where all the Tibetans with or without covid symptoms were put together without providing proper medical facilities and meals.

All of them are unschooled Tibetan nomads. They were detained in a security office at Nagchu for five days and were interrogated about to whom and how they shared the information. later, they were punished with 3000 yuans each and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.

With Covid cases rising in recent months, in the name of Covid, Chinese authorities tighten their control over Tibetans and many monks from other regions were evicted from the Yarchen Gar Buddhist monastery.

Tibet Today

It pains me so deep and hurts me so hard to see the suffering of my people under the Chinese repressive policies. I wish I were there to work day and night for their well-being. My heart goes out to them. Sending them prayers from the land of Lord Buddha.

Hear it Out!

Kardze Tibetan was arrested by the Chinese authorities on Charges of security breach.

Credit: (Students of Tibetan Children’s Village School in Gopalpur, India enacting a short drama on the Chinese authorities’ atrocities against Tibetans during the four-day Tibetan People’s Solidarity Campaign in New Delhi, India, 2013) The prisoner fainted down at the floor was me.

Chinese authorities arrested Rinchen Samdup from Kham Kardze on charges of the security breach.
According to a source, he was arrested from Kardze while he was having a gathering with his friends. The only information the authorities gave to his family members was that he was arrested on charges of a national security breach.

The information about his arrest was uncovered only after three months, and his whereabouts are still unknown amidst his mother’s deteriorating health. The Chinese authorities successfully kept his arrest secret from the outside with their strict surveillance and censorship systems.

The information about self-immolation took place in 2015 by Shurmo, a 26-year-old man came to light in 2021, after solid five years.

Therefore, the Chinese government uses the censorship technique nationwide but tends to be stricter and more pervasive in the occupied Tibet and Xinjiang regions.

A mother and daughter were arrested

23 years college-going girl Tashi Yangkyi and her mother Rigzin Dolma, age 76 were arrested on 13th August 2022. They were accused of having contact with outside Tibetans and sharing unauthorized images. Her mother was released on the 14th but where about of Tashi Yangkyi was still not known. Family members were informed by the Chinese authorities that she was detained in local custody for three days and was later taken to another custody. 
Where about of her is still not known by the family members and what unauthorised pictures they have shared and circulated are still not disclosed by the authorities.

By Sonsnow

The next Dalai Lama:

Young monks in line for a little walk around Mcleod Ganj, Dharamshala. August 8, 2022, Photo by Sonsnow

China has no moral rights and political authority to choose the next Dalai Lama. China has constantly been portraying him as an enemy of the Chinese people, “A Wolf in Monk’s Robes” and blamed him for instigating Self-immolation and separatist activities inside Tibet with baseless allegations and accusations. Still, CCP is interested in choosing his reincarnation. His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama is widely known as a beacon of peace and a living example of an enlightened being who can practice love and compassion to such an extent that he treats his enemy as his friend. But China continues to accuse him of engaging in anti-china activities in exile and attempting to split China. Ironically, it is a worldwide known fact that he has been advocating for genuine autonomy within the framework of the Chinese constitution.

In fact, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama has made it crystal clear in his statement made on September 24, 2011, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama said “As far back as 1969, I made clear that concerned people should decide whether the Dalai Lama’s reincarnations should continue in the future”. He further stated that “When I am about ninety I will consult the high Lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, the Tibetan public, and other concerned people who follow Tibetan Buddhism, and re-evaluate whether the institution of the Dalai Lama should continue or not. On that basis, we will take a decision”

Therefore, China has no moral right and political authority to get involved in choosing the next Dalai Lama.

Facts About Tibet

Tibetan monk Jampa Tenzin, Lhasa, Tibet, 1st October 1987

Historically Tibet enjoyed a fully independent entity as a nation except for a few cases where it came under various degrees of foreign influences. There were times when the Tibetan empire expanded its area of influence by conquering some parts of China and making the Tang Empire pay an annual Tribute to Tibet. Later, the boundaries were marked by installing and erecting treaty pillars at the capitals of each country with equal status.

Following the 1911 Chinese Revolution that led to the downfall of the Qing Dynasty, the 13th Dalai Lama issued a proclamation reaffirming the independent status of Tibet on 14th February 1913. The proclamation was issued to dispel the doubts of the international community that the neighboring nations have a say on the Sovereignty of Tibet. Since then Tibet enjoyed a fully independent nation status, which can be justified under international law.

In 1949, China invaded Eastern Tibet and forcefully captured Chamdo in October 1949.

On May 23, 1951, the Tibetan delegations in Peking were forced to sign a 17-point agreement with the threat of large-scale military retaliation on Tibet.

On 10th March 1959, When the situation in Tibet become critical and the security of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was threatened by the presence and the pressure of the Chinese Communist forces.
The Tibetans from all three traditional regions of Tibet rose against the Chinese forces and took to the streets of Lhasa, and defended the national sovereignty. Many of the participants in the Uprising were later imprisoned or executed for their actions.

Tibetan Uprising Day is observed every year on March 10, to commemorate the 1959 Tibetan Uprising against the presence of the people’s Republic of China in Tibet.

On 17th March 1959, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama along with more than 80,000 Tibetans sought refuge in India.

Under Chinese Rule

More than 1.2 million Tibetans have been killed.Over 6,000 monasteries have been destroyed.
Thousands of Tibetans are still imprisoned for exercising their fundamental rights.Tibet’s natural resources and fragile ecology are being irreversibly destroyed.
There is evidence suggesting that Tibet is being used for the dumping of nuclear wastes.Tibetans (6 million) have been outnumbered by Chinese (More than 7.5 million) in Tibet.
Tibet, once a peaceful buffer state between India and China, has been transformed into a vast military base.


Since 27th February 2019, 159 Tibetans including monks, nuns, and laypeople set themselves on fire to protest against the Chinese oppressive and repressive rule.