Fight for freedom

“Fight the freedom with a price, and feel pride when it’s achieved.”

By Sonsnow

Walking in a month-long “Tibet Matters March”, with freedom in mind and a fighting spirit in the soul and body. Covering 35 km each day under the scorching sun.

Let us all fight together!

Today here, on foreign soil, we stand, far from our homeland. But with unity in action, let us all dream even in our sleepless nights and keep our hope higher than the High Standing Himalayas that one day we will return to a Free Tibet and stand and sing together in front of the great Potala Palace. Let us all keep this hope alive and make our dream come true Today or Tomorrow. Let us all fight together. 

My final word after the statement I read during our protest rally against the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th National Congress in Beijing on 16th of October 2022.

Protest Rally lead by Tibetan Youth Congress President

Propaganda Tool

I have seen several videos of this kind, where the Chinese Covid Teams are traveling far and wide to the remote regions of Tibet to test nomads. What worries me the most is that the Chinese government is making its best effort to use the Pandemic as a Propaganda Tool. What if they become the primary source of the Pandemic in many of the remote regions in Tibet? After all, the general public and the common masses will be blamed for all the Chaos it may cause.

What a way to treat the common man? That too in front of the Camera. With this, we will understand how the Chinese authorities are treating the Tibetans who are put behind the bars for no reason.

Homecoming Winter

Delhi has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. So when I wear shorts on my campus during winter. People around me must have thought what the hell he is doing with shorts in the shits cold winter, but the truth is I want to feel at home at least in the winter.

By Sonsnow

The climate on the Tibetan plateau is cold and typical of the high-altitude plateau climate.

Happy Independence Day

As India celebrates her 75th Independence Day, I extend my sincere greetings to all the people of this country, whose forefathers fearlessness had freed this country from the shackles of the colonial rulers. 

I pay my utmost respect to the leaders who led the movement and transformed their visions into action and made it possible to prevail in peace and prosperity, and unity in diversity.

I wish all my Indian brothers and sisters a very happy 75th independence day. I also seek the grace of the God and blessings of the Lord Buddha to see the celebrations of Tibets’ independence day very soon.

Rise and Resist

"I wish all my countrymen acts more like an activist who rise and resist the aggressiveness of our enemy by raising the fist of freedom higher than their head. My heart pains in great depth seeing them acting more like professional politicians, politicizing every small thing, and sitting silently on bigger issues, seeking safe space and soft sits. I wish them all to stand together and speak in solidarity with the ones who fight for our common cause."