Meeting with a former Tibetan Political Prisoner,

Report on Drago

I had an opportunity to attend a discussion on the Report, “Desecration in Drago County” published by the Tibet Watch and the Free Tibet. This is one of the many pieces of evidence coming out of Tibet at the cost of many lives.

“Violence ensued with the Chinese police firing upon an entire family of a Tibetan protester, including their dog, a Tibetan
mastiff. Described by the source as a “rainstorm of bullets” (Tib: མེ་མདས་དྲག་ཆར་།), the shooting was reported by Tibetan media outlets» but not covered in wider English language media. Encircled at their home, the gunfire killed two brothers: Yeshi Samdup and his cousin Yeshi Rigsel. Their sibling Yonten Sangpo was shot in his neck, and Sanglha, their mother who was in her 70s, was shot in her left hand. Yonten’s wife
was tied outside her home in handcuffs while their house was ransacked by the police authorities; a sacred golden statue and some cash kept at their house was seized and their motorcycle was burned. Five little girls were also wounded. The police then tied a noose around the neck of Yeshi Samdup and Yeshi Rigsel and dragged their bodies downhill. Even as Yonten was profusely bleeding from the gunshot in his neck, he was
forcibly taken to the police station and beaten without mercy.”

We could imagine something like this happene only in the movies. But this is happening in Tibet, and Tibetans are witnessing and experiencing it in thier everyday lives.