“Don’t debate with people who didn’t value your view, they call you an orthodox, conservative and the outcome will always be an argument. And then they call you an argumentative.”

By Sonsnow

11 thoughts on “Debate!

  1. For the most part, I agree, though my awareness doesn’t stop me from falling into this particular one of life’s crevices on occasion. Sometimes, however, if there’s mutual respect, discussion leads to new insights on both sides, and that’s very gratifying.

    1. I like what Jordan Peterson advises “assume everybody you meet knows something you don’t that could be really helpful.” Its a great way of interacting with those we meet

  2. One thing I’ve learned to do is listen to the words, not perceived personalities. In the debate, I listened, then listened again when reaired. This first time, as for many, I had some difficulty with all the back and forth. But I didn’t mind that. It has to be that way because the ideas of the two sides are diametrically opposite and the fate of this country depends upon us. For the conservatives, I heard a real following of understanding, having done my own research. And I understand what’s at stake.

  3. Debating, instead of arguing, can help you defuse a rapidly escalating situation. And can change how people perceive the other party. Arguments can be heated, but they make a point that isn’t necessarily contested. Disagreements are often heated and imply a difference of opinion.So, yeah your statement is true to some extent, but it is best to talk it through.

  4. Interesting writings my friend.
    And, I confess, the first time I’ve actually sat down to read your blog.

    There is little debate nowadays as the media and politics tell the masses what to think and say.

    One thing I do know is freedom is not automatic, it has to be worked at, and needs to be taken by force if all else fails. This coming from a very old tired PMC.

    There is always someone out there that gets a kick out of suppressing free thought or people’s freedoms. Even though one may know that, there will never be enough of the meek, nice, and pure of heart to make a difference and change ‘what is’ into ‘what it should be’.

    Mainly because evil prevails.

  5. Truthfully nothing annoys (majority of) people than somebody who isnt fixed on anything, but is open to challenge and be challenged IMO. They almost take it personally that you don’t believe the same things as them, or aren’t confirming one way or the other. I think its the deep rooted fear ego has of being wrong mixed with a bit of good old evolutionary psychology and pressure to conform to societal standards whatever that may be. I’ve grown to love being a outsider, I feel sorry for them because they’ve never had some of the experiences I have. Its like they live half a life. All I do is speak for myself only these days and only what I know or has happened, if not I’m speculating. Nothing is more important than Truth and the Freedom to persue it. People thinking im weird just makes me chuckle, because I think they are mad for the equivalent of only ever looking at the floor all their life, arguing blind that the sky doesnt exist when im looking at it LOL. Thanks for the follow, followed back.

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