Tibetan political prisoners

A new Tibetan political prisoner at a Chinese gulag is asked by his cellmate, “What were you given ten years for?” The new prisoner responds, “For nothing!” “Don’t lie to me now!” says the cellmate, “Everybody knows ‘for nothing’ is three years.” #ccp #stop #racism #free #tibet

BY: Tibet underground Joke Factory


Rinchen Dhondup along with seven Tibetans detained

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans were detained for sharing Covid-related photos and videos and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.
Amidst the rise in Covid cases in Tibet, China continue to enforce its Lockdown policies in the Tibet Autonomous Region and other parts of Tibet for the past month. Many Tibetans have been forcefully put into quarantine centres, which were poorly facilitated without proper meals and bedding facilities.

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans from Shantsazong, Lhasa and Chumar Lapzong were arrested for airing and sharing Covid-related information.

According to a source, they were arrested for sharing videos and photos about poorly facilitated quarantine centres where all the Tibetans with or without covid symptoms were put together without providing proper medical facilities and meals.

All of them are unschooled Tibetan nomads. They were detained in a security office at Nagchu for five days and were interrogated about to whom and how they shared the information. later, they were punished with 3000 yuans each and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.

With Covid cases rising in recent months, in the name of Covid, Chinese authorities tighten their control over Tibetans and many monks from other regions were evicted from the Yarchen Gar Buddhist monastery.








Deities and Defenders of the faith!

My land is under enemy’s occupation,

My siblings are subdued by the Demons and Devils,

My Rivers and Ranges are seized by the Serpents,

Glance at Them once if you ever Exist!

By: Sonsnow

I am Tibet

I am Tibet
The Mountains and Minerals
Which the dragon continues to mine and market,

I am Tibet
The Rivers and Rivulet
Which the dragon continues to dilute and pollute, 

I am Tibet
the Monks and Nuns
Which the Dragon continues to disrobe

I am Tibet
The trees and Monasteries
Which the Dragon continues to destroy and demolish 

I am Tibet 
The Grassland and Grazing ground
Which the Dragon continues to Fence Forcefully 

I am Tibet
The lakes and Lagoons
Which the Dragon continues to hollow out for Fishes 

I am Tibet
The burning bodies and the Freedom Flames 
Which the Dragon continues to Cover 

By Sonsnow

A mother and daughter were arrested

23 years college-going girl Tashi Yangkyi and her mother Rigzin Dolma, age 76 were arrested on 13th August 2022. They were accused of having contact with outside Tibetans and sharing unauthorized images. Her mother was released on the 14th but where about of Tashi Yangkyi was still not known. Family members were informed by the Chinese authorities that she was detained in local custody for three days and was later taken to another custody. 
Where about of her is still not known by the family members and what unauthorised pictures they have shared and circulated are still not disclosed by the authorities.

By Sonsnow

My Late grandfather

My Late Grandfather
A resembling picture I randomly picked from the net
My grandfather is one of the few Tulkus we have in our region. He is a monk with few words, and duly does his daily rituals. He enjoys chanting prayers all day long with his musical ritual items. He was not only revered and respected by the people around his locality, but people from a distant district come to see him and regularly seeks his advice and blessings.
He was the one who taught me the Tibetan alphabet. Tibetan script was developed into its present form as early as the 7th century by Thonmi Sambhota, one of the ministers of 33rd King Songtsen Gambo. He was sent to India to learn, and he returned with a Tibetan script based on the Sanskrit script.
My grandfather constantly pushes me to practice my Tibetan calligraphy on a wooden plate. I must have gained a great knowledge in Buddhism and perfectly putting the Tibetan script in different styles if I were lucky enough to stay a little longer under his training and tutoship. But unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough and had to leave him and others in the same year I left my country. When he is happy, he tells us the tales from the great epic Ling Geser Gyalpo, to which I am fond of listening, and sings the poems in a great rhythm. To my utter surprise and astonishment, he got a permanent bulb-like bump on his head, and he choose not to share how the bump was developed. Out of my curiosity, I often ask him about the same and touches it when he wears a smile on his face. But I wasn't a lucky kid who had the priviledge of understanding all the things they have gone through. Later on, I understood that he was beaten by the Chinese soldiers during the culutral revolution in Tibet that destroyed more than 97% of the monasteries and nunneries and disrobed 93% of the monks and nuns.  If I knew about the same when I was with him in Tibet, I would have annoyed him with endless questions.Some of the people whose name still lingers in my mind were Tsering Losar, Sonam Rinchen and Phakpa, etc. Who suffered the same fate under the Chinese repressive policies. 
Sadly, my grandfather passed away few years back, and I send him some prayers from the Land of Lord Buddha for a swift rebirth. 

By Sonsnow

* "tulku" is an honorary title given to a recognised reincarnate Lama 

Rise and Resist

"I wish all my countrymen acts more like an activist who rise and resist the aggressiveness of our enemy by raising the fist of freedom higher than their head. My heart pains in great depth seeing them acting more like professional politicians, politicizing every small thing, and sitting silently on bigger issues, seeking safe space and soft sits. I wish them all to stand together and speak in solidarity with the ones who fight for our common cause."

I am a Prisoner

Observing International Prisoner’s Justice Day by TWA at Mcleod, Dharamshala, Photo Sonsnow
Observing International Prisoner’s Justice Day by TWA at Mcleod, Dharamshala, Photo Sonsnow

I am a Prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So strong and powerful,
They hold back my hand
When I raise my fist for freedom,
They twist my tongue
When I tweet for Truth and Justice