Walking close to Tibet

As I walked closer to Tibet, my homeland, after all the years of my escape into exile,

I can see the snowy mountains bowing down to receive me in their cold, yet warm arms.
I can hear the winter wind singing welcoming songs through the willow trees.

I can see the rivers and rivulets running up to receive me down through the valleys.

I can sense heavenly smells running deep down through my nostrils and nerves.

I can see the Yaks and Sheep lined in thousands greeting me with a standing ovation.

I can see the Rhodiola and rhododendron standing at unusual heights as I walked.

I can see the juniper and willow trees dancing on the hills as they saw me return.

I can sense the sunflowers and the red roses receiving me in their best colors and scents.

I can see the crow and cranes flapping feathers together as they receive me.

I can smell the smoke coming from our chimney with the aromas of different dishes.

I can see the siblings stretching their arms in their wildest smiles to reach and receive me.

I can also see the border and boundaries marked with patrolling police.

I can also understand that there is no way I can cross the border and enjoy their welcome.

Happy Independence Day

As India celebrates her 75th Independence Day, I extend my sincere greetings to all the people of this country, whose forefathers fearlessness had freed this country from the shackles of the colonial rulers. 

I pay my utmost respect to the leaders who led the movement and transformed their visions into action and made it possible to prevail in peace and prosperity, and unity in diversity.

I wish all my Indian brothers and sisters a very happy 75th independence day. I also seek the grace of the God and blessings of the Lord Buddha to see the celebrations of Tibets’ independence day very soon.