Tell me not 

That the heavenly high peaks have lost their light,

It gleams beyond clouds, pure and bright.

As black shrouds part and the sky unfurls,

Peak’s radiance grows, unfettered and pearls. 

To my siblings in all three traditional land and place,

It is an oppressive foe, a ruthless face.

Speak not of bonds that friendship ties,

Remember deceit veiled in friendship’s guise.

With words so sweet and deeds that lacked core,

Our land was seized, its fate hard to swallow.

By Sonsnow
































CCP’s Covid Caught my Countrymen

When my countrymen cry with smiling faces,
Airing their frustrations most appealingly, 
Against the authorities that continue to commit atrocities, 
My heart hurts and pains in great depth.

When my countrymen are locked up in quarantine centers,
The poorly facilitated and tightly packed with patients, 
In the most severe and strict policies, they are forced to follow,
My heart hurts and pains in great depth.

When my countrymen continue to cry in agony 
From the rooftops and balconies, 
The only space they can breathe,
My heart hurts and pains in great depth 

When my countrymen are washed by the sanitizing sprays, 
Kicked and hit by the security guards,
Detained and dragged by the authorities, 
My heart hurts and pains in great depth.

By Sonsnow

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven Tibetans detained

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans were detained for sharing Covid-related photos and videos and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.
Amidst the rise in Covid cases in Tibet, China continue to enforce its Lockdown policies in the Tibet Autonomous Region and other parts of Tibet for the past month. Many Tibetans have been forcefully put into quarantine centres, which were poorly facilitated without proper meals and bedding facilities.

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans from Shantsazong, Lhasa and Chumar Lapzong were arrested for airing and sharing Covid-related information.

According to a source, they were arrested for sharing videos and photos about poorly facilitated quarantine centres where all the Tibetans with or without covid symptoms were put together without providing proper medical facilities and meals.

All of them are unschooled Tibetan nomads. They were detained in a security office at Nagchu for five days and were interrogated about to whom and how they shared the information. later, they were punished with 3000 yuans each and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.

With Covid cases rising in recent months, in the name of Covid, Chinese authorities tighten their control over Tibetans and many monks from other regions were evicted from the Yarchen Gar Buddhist monastery.

TWA exposed CCP’s ill-treatment of Tibetans amidst the rise of Covid Cases in Tibet.

Amidst the increasing rise of Covid cases in Tibet, China continues to impose severe lockdown policies in the big cities of Lhasa and Shigatse in the Tibet Autonomous Regions.
Tibetans continue to express their outrage against the poorly facilitated quarantine centers.

Tibetan Women’s Association centrex, along with its Regional Chapter, Dharamshala played a Short Skit at Mcleod Ganj, exposing the Chinese ill-treatment of the Tibetans with the zero Covid policy.

Their press statement states that “We request to all the leaders for your urgent help in this crucial matter. Tibet needs your support. Tibetans are facing extreme violations from the Chinese communist party. Recently Chinese government started conducting COVID-19 tests, which led to inhumane behaviour toward the Tibetans from the Chinese Officials. Chinese communist party has been forcefully taking Tibetans regardless of their age, even a 2-year-old could not escape the torture of the CCP. As per the reports, thousands of Tibetan people were inhumanely dragged into a good carrier and were placed in a mass internment camp.

Irrespective of their COVID reports, both positive and negative patients were put into the same camp with unhygienic washrooms and toilets. If so, the Tibetans went against their commands, they were threatened to exploit their basic rights. Even with such atrocities behaviour from the Chinese Officials, the Tibetan people accepted to follow the command to be quarantined however they were treated in an obnoxious way.
They were served with stale and decaying food. They were exploited mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.
In a recently circulated video, people have expressed their struggle in meeting the necessities and not knowing their families’ whereabouts. An innocent stated *send us back to our home, we want to live, we will die here in this conferment room”

During the pandemic, the Chinese officials launched a helpline number that claims to help the citizen during the crisis but in actuality, the citizens are unable to reach the given number. The stripping of the Basic Human Rights of the Tibetan people is still an ongoing issue. Chinese officials are using COVID as an excuse to exterminate the Tibetan population. Tibetan people are injected and the purpose of vaccination is a mystery.

The Tibetan people are going through a wide range of violence in the name of quarantine. We the Tibetan women’s association urged the world health organizations and the higher authoritarian of the respective organizations to look into this urgent issue. The people of Tibet are in waiting of hope for your support and to take action immediately.

More and more Tibetans are coming out into social media and airing their frustrations against the Chinese government for failing to provide adequate meals and care for people detained under the guise of covid prevention.

One Tibetan women in her video expressed, “Why detaining us in this poorly facilitated detention, we would rather choose to die in our own home.”

This Winter

This Winter

This winter, when we are all free to set our footsteps on the new streets and roam around the old city.

This winter, before the Chinese virus, captured our towns and cities and locked us apart in a social distance.

This winter, when we are all enjoying our daily routines in our own space with no excuses and complaints.

This winter, when we are all free to travel from here to there with no barriers to borders and boundaries.

This winter, before we are all locked up in our rat-sized rooms and peep through the curtains for lively activities.

By – Sonsnow

  • Wrote this two years back after the first wave of Covid-19.








Deities and Defenders of the faith!

My land is under enemy’s occupation,

My siblings are subdued by the Demons and Devils,

My Rivers and Ranges are seized by the Serpents,

Glance at Them once if you ever Exist!

By: Sonsnow

I Don’t Want Tibet to Die

French football fans form a Giant Tibetan Flag To Annoy Chinese Viewers

I Don’t Want Tibet to Die

I don’t want Tibet to die,

I don’t want Tibet to disappear,

I don’t want Tibet to be destroyed-

No; I don’t want Tibet to die.

I don’t want Tibet to be filled with Chinese,

I don’t want my children to be called Chinese,

I don’t want my children to become Chinese-

No; I don’t want Tibet to die.

While our self-serving leaders indulge in confusion,

And my fellow Tibetans in exile remain timid and ignorant,

I know a few of us alone cannot make Tibet free-

And yet I don’t want Tibet to die.

Because it is not fair and it is not just,

Because Tibetans have the same right to freedom,

Because I want Truth to triumph over evil-

No; I don’t want my dear Tibet to die.

By-Lhasang Tsering

  • Lhasang Tsering is a writer and a poet, an outspoken advocate of Tibetan Independence.

Country, Nation, Freedom

How wonderful it must be,
To have one’s own Country,
A Country that one belongs to,
A Country that belongs to you.

How wonderful it must be,
No longer to be Stateless,
To belong to nap Nation,
A Nation that belongs to you.

How wonderful it must be,
To regain lost Freedom,
To hold one’s head high,
In liberty and in Freedom!

How wonderful it truly is,
Even to dream of a Country,
A Country that belongs to you,
A Country that will belong to you.

Tibet-the only Country I wish to belong to.
Tibet-the only Country that belongs to me.
A reality that is wonderful to dream about.
A dream that will be a wonderful reality.

By- Lhasang Tsering

* Lhasang Tsering is a Tibetan poet, writer, and activist. He was President of the Tibetan Youth Congress and a founding director of Amnye Machen Institute in Dharamshala, India. He is a vociferous and ardent advocate of Tibet’s independence and a passionate lover of literature