Compassion and Education

“Education needs to be combined with a sincere, compassionate motivation. When intelligence and warm-heartedness are combined, individuals will be happier and more at peace with themselves, their families will benefit and as a result the wider community will benefit too.”

His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama

A Homely Call

During our short stay in Ladakh.

A Homely Call 

Amidst whispers of the willow tree 

Here I sleep so sound and free,

Listening to the wrathful rushes, Indus’ gentle song  

The lullaby from the far distance, where I belong 

Beneath the blue sky and the twinkling stars,

Here I sleep so deep and free as if it’s all ours,

Imagining the wonders of a faraway homeland,

I can’t stop missing home, where my return was banned,

By Sonsnow