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It pains me so deep and hurts me so hard to see the suffering of my people under the Chinese repressive policies. I wish I were there to work day and night for their well-being. My heart goes out to them. Sending them prayers from the land of Lord Buddha.

Hear it Out!

This Winter

This Winter

This winter, when we are all free to set our footsteps on the new streets and roam around the old city.

This winter, before the Chinese virus, captured our towns and cities and locked us apart in a social distance.

This winter, when we are all enjoying our daily routines in our own space with no excuses and complaints.

This winter, when we are all free to travel from here to there with no barriers to borders and boundaries.

This winter, before we are all locked up in our rat-sized rooms and peep through the curtains for lively activities.

By – Sonsnow

  • Wrote this two years back after the first wave of Covid-19.








Deities and Defenders of the faith!

My land is under enemy’s occupation,

My siblings are subdued by the Demons and Devils,

My Rivers and Ranges are seized by the Serpents,

Glance at Them once if you ever Exist!

By: Sonsnow

I Don’t Want Tibet to Die

French football fans form a Giant Tibetan Flag To Annoy Chinese Viewers

I Don’t Want Tibet to Die

I don’t want Tibet to die,

I don’t want Tibet to disappear,

I don’t want Tibet to be destroyed-

No; I don’t want Tibet to die.

I don’t want Tibet to be filled with Chinese,

I don’t want my children to be called Chinese,

I don’t want my children to become Chinese-

No; I don’t want Tibet to die.

While our self-serving leaders indulge in confusion,

And my fellow Tibetans in exile remain timid and ignorant,

I know a few of us alone cannot make Tibet free-

And yet I don’t want Tibet to die.

Because it is not fair and it is not just,

Because Tibetans have the same right to freedom,

Because I want Truth to triumph over evil-

No; I don’t want my dear Tibet to die.

By-Lhasang Tsering

  • Lhasang Tsering is a writer and a poet, an outspoken advocate of Tibetan Independence.

Kardze Tibetan was arrested by the Chinese authorities on Charges of security breach.

Credit: Tibet.net (Students of Tibetan Children’s Village School in Gopalpur, India enacting a short drama on the Chinese authorities’ atrocities against Tibetans during the four-day Tibetan People’s Solidarity Campaign in New Delhi, India, 2013) The prisoner fainted down at the floor was me.

Chinese authorities arrested Rinchen Samdup from Kham Kardze on charges of the security breach.
According to a source, he was arrested from Kardze while he was having a gathering with his friends. The only information the authorities gave to his family members was that he was arrested on charges of a national security breach.

The information about his arrest was uncovered only after three months, and his whereabouts are still unknown amidst his mother’s deteriorating health. The Chinese authorities successfully kept his arrest secret from the outside with their strict surveillance and censorship systems.

The information about self-immolation took place in 2015 by Shurmo, a 26-year-old man came to light in 2021, after solid five years.

Therefore, the Chinese government uses the censorship technique nationwide but tends to be stricter and more pervasive in the occupied Tibet and Xinjiang regions.


Every one of us has this potential, so why not transform them into our everyday actions?