Tibetan political prisoners

A new Tibetan political prisoner at a Chinese gulag is asked by his cellmate, “What were you given ten years for?” The new prisoner responds, “For nothing!” “Don’t lie to me now!” says the cellmate, “Everybody knows ‘for nothing’ is three years.” #ccp #stop #racism #free #tibet

BY: Tibet underground Joke Factory


Tibet Today

It pains me so deep and hurts me so hard to see the suffering of my people under the Chinese repressive policies. I wish I were there to work day and night for their well-being. My heart goes out to them. Sending them prayers from the land of Lord Buddha.

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Covid cases in Lhasa

The nerve-wracking news of covid cases detected in my city (Lhasa) has left me and many of my kind in panic. May my prayers from the land of lord Buddha reaches there and shield them from this deadly disease. People’s Liberation Army has taken enough lives of my countrymen and I dare not witness death and destruction anymore.

After landing US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan