Art of Hope

Repost @aiww: 10 years ago in 2013, I asked the @dalailama a question, ‘Do you hope to return to your native land?’ He replied, ‘I am hopeful’.

Tonight, he will launch the CIRCA 20:23 program in Piccadilly Circus with a message of hope for the world. Join a community of artists and me in giving voice to these important words:

“We must continually consider the oneness of humanity, remembering that we all want to be happy. And indeed, everyone has a right to a happy life. Along the way, we may be faced with problems, but we must not lose hope. We must keep up our determination without being impatient to achieve quick results.”

Merry Christmas

I wish you and your family good health and happiness in all seasons. May the grace of God be omnipresent at your side and bless you with a beautiful life of peace and prosperity.

A rare Covid protest in Tibet

If the Chinese Communist Party continues to implement its oppressive and repressive policies in Tibet, the people will burst out like a squeezed balloon in no time.

CCP is a threat, Beware of it.

If the Chinese consulate general is attacking peaceful protesters in a Free country in daylight. We can all easily imagine the fate of the innocent Tibetans who are arbitrarily arrested and detained for raising their voices for Justice.

Tibet Today

It pains me so deep and hurts me so hard to see the suffering of my people under the Chinese repressive policies. I wish I were there to work day and night for their well-being. My heart goes out to them. Sending them prayers from the land of Lord Buddha.

Hear it Out!