I am a Prisoner

I am a Prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So strong and powerful,
They hold back my hand
When I raise my fist for freedom,
They twist my tongue
When I tweet for Truth and Justice,

I am a Prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So Strong and powerful
They took me far off
When I choose to write for Rights,
They tied me and trialed
When I hold to Truth too tight,

I am a prisoner
A Prisoner of someone
So strong and powerful,
They looted my home
When I own the Truth and Justice,
They put me in Prison
When the world sold them Humanity.
By Sonsnow

Forget me not..

Tug me in your little tittle-tattles
and I will cheer you in my bitter battles,
but forget me not after my death rattles

Talk of me in your tears
and I will chase away your fears,
but forget me not when you cheers

Greets me with your grins
And I will dear you in my dreams,
But forget me not in a glimpse

Read me in your poems
And I will call you in my hymns,
But forget me not in your rhymes

Write me down in your note
And I will code you in my quote,
But forget me not after a dot

Sing me in your song
And I will remember your lyrics for long,
But forget me not in your gong

Bury me down in the coffins
And not long after I will call boffins,
But forget me not so often

By: Sonsnow

This is how it Ended..

This is how it ended
Ended the glorious past
They came and colonised us,

This is how it ended
Ended the tales of good old days
They brought with them the tales of tragedy,

This is how it ended
Ended up leaving my loved ones
They came and kicked me out,

This is how it ended
Ended up living in exile
They came and captured my country

This is how it ended
Ended up raising my voice too high
Because they lie too loud,

This is how it ended
Ended up living a solitary life
They came and took away everything,

This is how it ended

By: Sonsnow

Oh! My Dear…

Oh my dear
I feel pain
When the world goes insane
Seeing you standing on high heels
While Ignoring the essence of your Will,

Oh my dear
Their twisted tongue might be tough
And evil stroking eyes might be rough
But be brave and bold
Speak out loud with the truth you hold,

Oh my dear
Ask them not what to wear
They may instill in you a Fear
Try out the colors of your choice
Red, Pink, and Purple, which is your voice,

Oh my dear
Feel free to go out
With a short skirt, you bought
With high heels will you cheer
With the ones you dear,

Oh my dear
Don’t feel fear to leave out that chain
Which badly bound you not to gain
Go and see what is there with those crowds
Join with their jokes and raise your voice loud,

Oh my dear
Be bold and brave
Step out as you speak
And let them hear your voice
Or else will they silence you forever.

by: Sonsnow

Good old days!

Gones are good old days as he says
In many many different ways as she says
Where farmers had their seasonal songs to sing
and nomads had their seasonal space to swing,

Gones are good old days as he says
In many many different ways as she says
Where crops and barleys barely fails to yield
In the midst of many many large fields,

Gones are good old days as he says
In many many different ways as she says
Where all enjoy the warmth of winter Sun
With little tittle-tattles of so much fun,

Gones are good old days as he says
In many many different ways as she says
Where grannies go round and round the stupa
to earn their little last merit of Nangpa,

Gones are good old days as he says
In many many different ways as she says
where offerings and sacrifices are made in abundance
in the name of three traditional region’s Independence,

Gones are good old days as he says
In many many different ways as she says
Where monks and nuns do their daily prayers
for peace and ease of any other affairs,

By Sonsnow

When politics are in play!

When the politics are in play
With one interest over another,
Will our cause be a card?
To be played among the Politicians?

When the world rolls over the golden ball
With all eyes open to grab it with a glimpse,
Will they see the smokes rising from a far distance?
Will they hear the screams from the invisible cells?

When the leaders lined one after another
With a split seconds smiles,
Will they share the truth of tyranny?
Will they care the cry of a commoner?

When the borders and boundaries are marked
With a line of arms and ammunition,
Will the truth get a gate pass?
Will justice be done in favor of freedom?

When the world lust for money and power
With all in once shaking each other’s hand,
Will the wellbeing of commoners be considered?
Will they still stand strong with Truth and Justice?

When the world waits and watches the great wall to rise
with so many expectations of economic exchange,
will they see the bloodstained bricks of the wall?
will they hear the voice of voiceless buried behind the wall?

When the world watches the dragonfly show,
with so many optical illusions and dramatic displays,
will they see the yaks yelling for their rightful place?
will they care the cry of a little lamb on the corner?

When the world marches to match the great powers
with so much haste and so much cost,
will they wait for the Human rights to raise its height?
will they slow down their pace for peace and democracy?

When the Chinese government goes round and round,
with so many sweet talks and strategic smiles,
will the world dare to disapprove their dramatic displays?
will the world dare to question their loyalty in the long term?
By Sonsnow

Lhasang Tsering la

  Lhasang Tsering la,

A man of many words
When it comes to “Free Tibet”.
An angry old man
When it comes to an issue of enemy
I am sad to see him aging
With a commitment as young as ever,
You will see him walking up and down
In between Dharamsala and Dharamkot
Like an unemployed old man
Killing the silence of loneliness,
Distributing pamphlets of poetries
Which chocked out of his anger towards the enemy,
He raises his fist forward
When it comes to the topic of Freedom
He raises his voice higher than his pitch
When it comes to the cruelty of communists,
Like a warrior
He chooses not to knock his knee down to the ground
Stand too strong and so firmly,
Like a lion
He roars against the atrocities of the enemy
He may not be as strong as he was
But still, he can knock down dozens of them
With his words as sharp as a sword,
He is too young to be old enough
When it comes to our cause
As he kept the cruelty of communists still alive,
And too old to be young enough
When it comes to his age
As he can’t be that warrior anymore physically

By Sonsnow

  • * Lhasang Tsering is a Tibetan poet, writer, and activist. He was President of the Tibetan Youth Congress and a founding director of Amnye Machen Institute in Dharamshala, India. He is a vociferous and ardent advocate of Tibet’s independence and a passionate lover of literature.

Here you came, My Love

Found this lovely love shaped stone from the Prashar lake hill…


Here you came my love
Came out of cliffs and cobblestones
Washed away by the rains and rivers
Crashed in between the cliffs and clouds
Rolled in between the rocks and stones
Here you came out of all those mysteries,

Here you came my love
Came up to this distance
From the far distant rivers and rivulet
From the far distant streams and streets
Came from too far away from my sight
You came at last into my hand,

Here you came my love
I wonder what brought you here
Up to the hill of this height
What brought you here?
Up in the middle of many mountains
Here you came at last in my hand,

Here you came my love
In a shape of love and heart,
So lovely to be loved by all
And so small to be carried away by anything
But here, at last, you came into my hand
And I Won’t leave you in lost my Love.
                                             by:  Sonsnow

My Dalai Lama


you titled him a terrorist
and took away his smiling portrait,
you call him a culprit
and carried away his book of love and compassion,
you call him a splittist
and sets on fire his way forward,
you call him a wolf
and pushed him away from promoting peace,
you call him a devil
and dares not to give them a glimpse of him,
You tried and tried to Portray him as you propagate
but yet you failed to fabricate his words of wisdom,
you call him anything as your choice
but they will never stop listening to his voice,
you chain him and put him in your prison of propaganda
but his words of love and compassion reaches far and wide,
You taught them to be loyal to your Leaders
but their love and loyalty upon Him are eternal.

                                                                            By: Sonsnow