A Burning Flame for Freedom

A Burning Flame for Freedom

A burning flame for Freedom!

Under the occupation and oppression
You stood strong against the repression,
For a little shine of Freedom
Your fists raised high, so as the slogans,
In the face of injustice and unlawfulness
You hold to truth too tight,
Unbowed, you ran with all your might
Banned flags waving, a courageous sight,
Though flames consumed, you never waned
Against oppression and repression, you stood strong,
Your call and fist of Freedom
you raised them with a powerful voice,
Your body consumed and your voice taken away
But you rose and resist, until your last breath,
Your light will shine day and night
Through highs and lows, your names endure,
Echoing from the Himalayan mountains
Across the world, your slogans ring,

Free Tibet, Free Tibet, Free Tibet

By Sonsnow

  • In loving memory of the Tibetan martyrs, who made the ultimate sacrifice through self-immolation for the cause of Tibet.

4 thoughts on “A Burning Flame for Freedom

  1. Beautiful. I wish there was another way. We can’t win this way. I pray. I believe God has got us. We must just endure to the end.

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