Ground for Friendship

“One of the lessons we need to learn is how to cultivate those positive emotions that counter destructive emotions like anger and fear. Compassion, for example, brings self-confidence and the ability to act transparently. It strengthens trust which is the ground for friendship.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

2 thoughts on “Ground for Friendship

  1. The wisdom of the Dalai Lama shines brightly in this quote. His words remind us of the immense power of positive emotions, particularly compassion, in shaping our inner selves and our relationships with others.

    Compassion truly is a transformative force. It not only fosters self-confidence but also opens the doors to genuine connections and trust. When we act with compassion, we radiate authenticity and warmth, creating a fertile ground for deep and meaningful friendships.

    In a world often plagued by anger and fear, the Dalai Lama’s message serves as a guiding light, showing us the path towards a more harmonious and understanding existence. Let’s all strive to cultivate these positive emotions and embrace the profound changes they can bring to our lives. Thank you for sharing these wise words! 🙏💫

    1. 100% His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama’s message of love and compassion are relevant more than ever in today’s world. May his message continue to bring a positive change all across the globe.

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