Let us stand by our Sister’s side

( Let us stand by our Sister’s side )

Yesterday, he restrained from raising his hand to her,

But today, he rapped her in a fit of rage,

The gentle touch replaced by violence’s stir,

Leaving her trapped in a cruel, dark cage.    

Once, he cherished her as a sister dear,  

A smile that radiated warmth and care,  

But now, that affection has disappeared,

Replaced by humiliation she can’t bear.  

Respect was shown, like all daughters and sisters,

She was valued for her worth and her soul,

But today, she’s silenced, her voice now whispers,

A victim of a world that’s taken its toll. 


He once stood tall with honor and grace,

A role model for others to admire,  

But today, he’s lost in a twisted chase,

And his virtuous heart seems to expire. 


Let us not be bystanders, blind and mute,

But champions of justice, strong and bold,

Together we can change this dark pursuit,

And heal the wounds that time’s hands have told.


Yesterday we were proud men,

And today we feel ashamed,

But together, we can rise again,

To a brighter future, unrestrained.

By Sonsnow

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