Learn to live together!

“There are no natural boundaries between
human beings on this earth, we are one family.
At a time of increasing natural disasters,
climate change and global warming affect all
of us. We must learn to live together, to work
together, and to share what we have together.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

3 thoughts on “Learn to live together!

  1. If we just could, we would. Somehow we find it hard unless God rips us up with weather and earth shaking. And then only for a time. Mostly we just whine about our sad lives when we sit in plenty enough. A lady once wrote a book… AND THEY DIDN’T DIE I think it was called. I am often amazed when I see millions of refugees’ camps. I wonder how they don’t die of despair. I find living hard. I live in luxury, but life itself pushes back so hard it’s difficult not to bend into it as if it were a huge wind hitting into our faces. Yes. Love one another. Best as you can.

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