Inner Disarmament

“Violence is not so much about the use of weapons as about the motive we have in our hearts. External disarmament will only be achieved if we first achieve inner disarmament. World peace will only be won on the basis of inner peace — achieving that is our #PeaceDayChallenge”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

One thought on “Inner Disarmament

  1. As we disarm, it will seem effortless. I’m guessing we’ll “forget” what the fuss was all about. Sometimes I ‘see ‘ everyone looking a little confused and sheepish as they put down- ‘arms’ that don’t serve anymore.

    When we realize the nature of reincarnation -and our roleplaying over lifetimes – and how astrology literally informs us to be who we are- (doesn’t force us to become), we can accept exactly where we are in any given moment. This is /will be a great blessing- a truly liberating idea!

    There is no (need for) more “slave” and “master” – or ‘student’ and “teacher” compelling by fears of inadequacy; we are each both, in any given moment.

    Our Intentions we make toward honoring the nature of love and peace – that all mitochondrial beings (which carry divine spark) might thrive, (including plants), count towards the energy of the collective and especially to oneself. (The reverse is also true). Love is the experience of being in coherence- with another being- whatever that looks like.

    As living waveforms, we are the daily astrology’s expression on our natal life stamp (and it’s progressions and other resonance patterns). Experience is our greatest teacher as we weather life. May we enjoy our spring and summertimes!

    We can choose to treat others the way we wish to be treated, to the best of our ability – – no matter who they are or what they look like.

    We reap what we sow- even if inadvertently- onto our corpus of form.

    In this way we can cultivate success for ourselves, our families, and society around us (and universal collective).

    May all beings be happy!

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