Regulate Emotions

“What gives me hope is that if we dig deeper into how our emotions work, we find that attachment and hatred depend on a misconception of reality. We can evaluate them, weighing their pros and cons. We need to use our intelligence to regulate such emotions.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

5 thoughts on “Regulate Emotions

  1. Emotions are triggered by feelings- sensations the body has in response to its environment. The strength of the reaction depends on how many molecules are released from whichever organ system got triggered – which ‘hive mind’ whether, heart, spleen, liver, pancreas. The more we ‘practice’ having (and are usually cajoled or repressed by another brings further attention to our reaction – not whatever it was we reacted to.

    That we are triggered means we care (subconsciously) quite a lot about the thing that is happening, even if we want not to. There is nothing wrong with having responses to the environment – and yet we’ve been conditioned to believe we can control or impact other people’s reality. That is fallacy.

    By recalling that each of us has our own dharma – and final judgement (which our subconscious renders – not any vehicle in the sky) helps to bring some ease to the condition.

  2. It also helps to ask ourselves what we hate and why. Intense emotional responses effect our immune system, not the situation or person our feelings are directed toward. It helps to ask ourselves if what we have strong emotional feelings about is worth compromising our emotional and physical health for.

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