If I die here on a foreign soil

Attempt my hand in shooting, editing, and recitation for the first time. You are most welcome for guidance in smoothing the skill and deepening the Knowledge.

15 thoughts on “If I die here on a foreign soil

  1. What a powerful eulogy! And done well for a first attempt…..very apt imagery too. If only we’d all learn to peacefully coexist, then would boundaries and nations and differences even matter? They won’t but we aren’t willing to take that step….Loved it!

  2. 💜 Peace comes from WithIn EveryOne; the Lama is Confused with words like “collaborate” and wondering if “counter measures” should be taken against China for Chinas 🇨🇳 🤔 😉 😀 😜 😄 🇨🇳 Aggression Against Tibet EveryBody


  3. My present disciplines exclude video presentations. I am sorry to miss your video offering but, in the future, if you also include the printed poem along with it, I can at least read your words 🙏

      1. I can’t follow your link because it only leads to another video ~ if my disciplines right now allowed me to watch videos I would have watched yours on the WordPress post, instead of bothering you to include the text!

        Thank you for taking trouble to do so, I look forward to your posts 🙏

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