Universal Responsibility

“The problems humanity faces today demand a positive mental attitude and a sense of compassion for others. I firmly believe we can solve the majority of our problems by developing a sense of universal responsibility—wanting to do something for others without a selfish motive.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

2 thoughts on “Universal Responsibility

  1. Absolutely! Back in Apartheid there was a comforting unspoken law. “Your children are my children.” Our country was safe. Our children were safe. Then when we got rid of Apartheid, we had high hopes, but I now babies are raped. Kids disappear. We stopped feeling responsible for each other once the oppressed were free. It’s all a conundrum. We are all connected and we have to care for each other. Until we understand the how the negative affects us all, we will struggle through our own troubles like those who are blind.

  2. It is so rare to find an action with no motivation of personal benefit here in America right now that in our universities we teach that there is no such thing. When someone actually behaves in this way they are suspected of being crazy. Tragic but true.

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