Tibetan man arrested and unheard since then.

Tibetan man named Tseten was arrested a month ago from Dzendu, and his where about is unheard since then.

Amidst Chinese authorities arbitrarily arrest and detaining Tibetans with various baseless allegations and accusations, Tseten from Kyekudo was arrested by the Dzendu police in August. His where about is still not disclosed by the Chinese authorities.

The unnamed source from Tibet says, Tseten was arrest from Dzendu on his return from home town Chumar Lapzong, where he visited to meet his family members and relatives. His family members are still uninformed about on what ground he was arrested.

Although his family members visited police stations to inquire about the reasons of his arrest, the authorities have not shared any information. They were threatened by the authorities not to visit the station again.

In the recent years, Chinese government has been imparting patriotic education in the government schools and forcefully shutting down the Tibetan run schools that primarily focus in preserving the Tibetan language and culture. The writers, intellectuals and social service activist are constantly targeted and arbitrarily arrested with various baseless allegations and accusations.

On 24th August, five Tibetans from Serther Country in eastern Tibet were arrested in connection to organizing religious activities and one of them was killed with inhuman torture in prison.

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