Rinchen Dhondup along with seven Tibetans detained

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans were detained for sharing Covid-related photos and videos and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.
Amidst the rise in Covid cases in Tibet, China continue to enforce its Lockdown policies in the Tibet Autonomous Region and other parts of Tibet for the past month. Many Tibetans have been forcefully put into quarantine centres, which were poorly facilitated without proper meals and bedding facilities.

Rinchen Dhondup along with seven other Tibetans from Shantsazong, Lhasa and Chumar Lapzong were arrested for airing and sharing Covid-related information.

According to a source, they were arrested for sharing videos and photos about poorly facilitated quarantine centres where all the Tibetans with or without covid symptoms were put together without providing proper medical facilities and meals.

All of them are unschooled Tibetan nomads. They were detained in a security office at Nagchu for five days and were interrogated about to whom and how they shared the information. later, they were punished with 3000 yuans each and are presently under the so-called Law counselling programme.

With Covid cases rising in recent months, in the name of Covid, Chinese authorities tighten their control over Tibetans and many monks from other regions were evicted from the Yarchen Gar Buddhist monastery.

11 thoughts on “Rinchen Dhondup along with seven Tibetans detained

      1. I am praying 🙏 for the goodness of this world to flow into all hearts as the evil is extinguished for ever.

        We are entering a new timeline within our matrix of this reality Sonam, and I am praying with all of my being that love conquers the thousands of years of suppression. Keep your heart positive in that knowing.

        The tyrants of this world I see soon to fall world wide.
        I pray for all whose courage has been in standing up to them. Their sacrifices have been great. But their efforts have not been in vain. For their courage has and is paving a way to Unity, even though from our perspective as yet, we may not see it.
        But it’s coming..

        Hold faith, that love and unity of those who hold compassion is unfolding our future into more harmonic times my friend.
        Do not despair.

        Much love 🙏

  1. The authoritarian individuals are the sick ones. Those in government positions are not living in quarantine, nor do their family members suffer so, particularly with something having such a high survival rate. It’s so messed up what the masses, like blind sheep, allow to happen. I hope they who have political muscle make changes for these folks, if they cannot do it for themselves. It’s imprisonment.

    1. Thank You, Dawn Ranee, for stopping by my site and taking your time to read about the sufferings of my people. CCP should be made accountable for all the Chaos they have caused in the countries they have controlled.

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