Country, Nation, Freedom

How wonderful it must be,
To have one’s own Country,
A Country that one belongs to,
A Country that belongs to you.

How wonderful it must be,
No longer to be Stateless,
To belong to nap Nation,
A Nation that belongs to you.

How wonderful it must be,
To regain lost Freedom,
To hold one’s head high,
In liberty and in Freedom!

How wonderful it truly is,
Even to dream of a Country,
A Country that belongs to you,
A Country that will belong to you.

Tibet-the only Country I wish to belong to.
Tibet-the only Country that belongs to me.
A reality that is wonderful to dream about.
A dream that will be a wonderful reality.

By- Lhasang Tsering

* Lhasang Tsering is a Tibetan poet, writer, and activist. He was President of the Tibetan Youth Congress and a founding director of Amnye Machen Institute in Dharamshala, India. He is a vociferous and ardent advocate of Tibet’s independence and a passionate lover of literature

2 thoughts on “Country, Nation, Freedom

  1. Like Jews without their promised land, displaced Tibetans, of all stripes, are ambassadors for a lifestyle that is important and sustainable. If the Dalai Lama was still in Tibet, would the western world have herd of him? There are no mistakes or accidents – the world is YOUR oyster. Still, even if the powers that be deride and ridicule, they will one day be gone – and largely due to your efforts to persist despite their greeds. Blessings. That said, I know it is painful being away from one’s beloved home (and She still beckons to you).

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