Waiting to know if she’ll see her son again,
Waiting to know if her man will ever return,
Waiting to know if she will go back home,
Waiting is what a refugee woman must do.

Waiting to know if it is now her turn,
Waiting to know when her daughter must go,
Waiting to know what the final price will be,
Waiting is what a refugee woman must do.

Waiting to know what more she must do,
Waiting to know if the world will help,
Waiting to know if her country will ever be free,
Waiting is what a refugee woman must do.

Waiting is, therefore, what she will do,
Waiting despite the pain and loneliness,
waiting till the end of her dreary days-
For waiting is what a refugee woman must do.

By Lhasang Tsering

13 thoughts on “Waiting

    1. Indeed. I can’t imagine the heart ache even though I feel like a refugee woman. Waiting is what I do. Waiting for my country to try to make life better for all. If we just remove the suffering in our circles, one by one we will become a nation without suffering, but we don’t know how to proceed. Well written and it connects your readers to the woman and her country in ways I can’t define except to know for sure, we are all connected. Love and Light

      1. It is unusual to find a man ~ even a spiritually aware man ~ who has this clear connection to the value of womanhood. Please let me thank you from all of us. 🙏

      2. I’m sorry ~ please let me apologize. I was mistaken ~ I thought your comment came from Sonam instead of from you! Are you Tibetan also? For which country are you waiting? Apologies again 🙏

      3. I understood that you were commenting to Sonam. So, all good. I live in South Africa which continues to break my heart as it unravels. I have been finding myself drawn to Sonam and Tibet in a more personal way since I have found him here. Best blessings.

      4. I spoke with a man from South Africa who suffered terrible culture shock here in the US. He told me that, there, when they ask how you are they really want to know! Here, if you answer more than “fine” or “okay,” you haven’t followed script!

      5. Ha Ha, yes. I decided I would be shot at dawn if I lived in America. We tried telling my husband’s cousin how we met. She stuck her fingers in her ears and said, lalalala too much information. So we pretty much kept words to a minimum. I met an Israeli woman on the train. She said there is no dropping in for a chat. Appointments need to be made. Here we make life long friends standing in a line anywhere. And it’s okay to cross against the traffic light on foot. There were no cars in sight and half way across the very narrow road, this huge voice from a tiny woman directing traffic in the very busy street that one sees in movies. South Africa has issues, but we are mostly generous and friendly.

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