“I have enough time to rest,
But I don't have enough time to waste.”

By Sonsnow

8 thoughts on “Time

  1. It is wonderful to be conscious of time. In this modern world with all the platforms we can visit our time is taken up by or used by these. I think resting now is more important for in a sense we are always busy with something. At least I am. I added knitting to my movie watching and have YouTube teaching me in my earphones. I seek knowledge and everything interests me. I have the flue today, so I am in bed with only my phone. I may fall asleep in a minute though. Best blessings of love and Light to you.

  2. This, to me, represents a healthy balance in a world in which, increasingly, those who care only for their own well-being rest too much, and those who care for the well-being of others not at all. Both states of being eventually become self defeating, so I am glad this quote is the subtitle to your online offering, so that people get a chance to think about it often.

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