Live with our hope.

I have so many tiny tasks to be done before I go to sleep, and I have many big dreams to dream in every sleeps night. I motivate myself with what I see and experience.

Every day, when I wake up if the dawn displays its morning signs already and birds around my sight communicate with their chirp. I often feel late by day already. I shouldn’t be later than the birds that only work to survive.

Although the birds have wings to fly and can get to their destined destinations faster than we humans. They often wake up earlier than us. That is the reason why we fail to fly even though we dream to fly so often.

When the evening dusk sends its signs with silence and darkness, we all start thinking about the next day. How confident we are to believe that we will live to the next day.

Life is impermanent, but let us all live to our hope that we will have another day to prove our potential.

By Sonsnow

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