Propaganda Tool

I have seen several videos of this kind, where the Chinese Covid Teams are traveling far and wide to the remote regions of Tibet to test nomads. What worries me the most is that the Chinese government is making its best effort to use the Pandemic as a Propaganda Tool. What if they become the primary source of the Pandemic in many of the remote regions in Tibet? After all, the general public and the common masses will be blamed for all the Chaos it may cause.

What a way to treat the common man? That too in front of the Camera. With this, we will understand how the Chinese authorities are treating the Tibetans who are put behind the bars for no reason.

4 thoughts on “Propaganda Tool

  1. The CDC in America told us to get one covid shot and we’d never get or spread it. Then it was booster here and there. I never got any shots and am fine. Lies and propaganda will never blind the awakened ones who see the TRUTH!

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