Homecoming Winter

Delhi has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. So when I wear shorts on my campus during winter. People around me must have thought what the hell he is doing with shorts in the shits cold winter, but the truth is I want to feel at home at least in the winter.

By Sonsnow

The climate on the Tibetan plateau is cold and typical of the high-altitude plateau climate.

9 thoughts on “Homecoming Winter

  1. I am so sorry that you had to leave your home country. You honor it so well. When I lived in Utah, we wore shorts in the winter, because it was a dry climate which made it warm even after a blizzard. Where I live now is so humid that you have to bundle up in layers to stay warm!

    1. It’s naturally beautiful, but the beauties are fading away under the Chinese occupation of Tibet. How wonderful if Tibet regained it’s rightful independence and able to restore it’s nature wonders.

  2. I’ve often thought of what hardship it must be, going from one extreme to the other. Your post confirms it…

    Just recently I read a book which told of some of the natural wonders of Tibet prior to the coming of the Chinese (and, for that matter, the Caucasian medicine and fortune hunters also). Truly, heaven on Earth.

    May it be someday all restored. 🙏

    1. Thank You Ana, it often gives me goosebumps when I think of the challenges our elders were gone through when they made their way to India at the times of the Chinese occupation way back in 1959.
      So glad to know that you have gone through a book about Tibet.

      1. Those first few came over without even the wayhouses for shelter…

        I read also, many years ago, the biography of a wife who was with one of the first waves. She wrote that when they were lost they would sit for divination and then follow those instructions exactly.

        A Westerner would never have made it to India under those conditions!

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