Brothers and Sisters

We are all each other’s brothers and sisters.

11 thoughts on “Brothers and Sisters

      1. Yes, lets! ☺️

        It was the bravest of beautiful smiles, wasn’t it, that he kept on his face all those long years… I was thinking when I saw the photograph in your last post that it must feel at least a little relaxing for him not to have to carry it all the time now.

        Well ~ there’s work for us both to get done ~ talk to you soon 🙋

      2. Yea, he has been smiling all these years despite the difficulties and challenges he has been facing owing to the Chinese annexation and occupation of Tibet. His calmness amidst all these troublesome days will make us understand his vision for the greater cause of the humanity. May his message of love and compassion spread far and wide, and may he continue to live long for all sentient beings.

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