Sharing it again for my new friends.
The saddest thing about being a refugee is that you even don’t own an inch of empty space where you can keep the books, the only treasure you can pass on to the next generations.

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  1. Living in my little van I cannot save books for my own descendants either. So I pass the books on now ~ to spiritual descendants who will find and read them without having to pay full price.

  2. Beautiful post! My grandfather’s library was stolen from me…even the childrens books he wrote and illustrated for me. My sister was the Administratix of the will. She sends me books, I believe, to make up for it.

    1. So kind of your sister. It’s very sad that your grandfather’s library was stolen, usually educated people choose not to steal, and thieves don’t steal books. I am sure you will collect enough books for a library.

  3. 💜 Indigenous Folk use Stories EveryOne; a “book” is useful, yes, but a Spoken Story is so much better and effective EveryBody


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