Street play showing how the Chinese torture and treat the peaceful Tibetan protesters.
People’s liberation army parading in front of the peaceful standing Potala Palace.















Who else is my enemy, if not you?

The one who murdered my countrymen and forcefully captured my country,

The one who causes the mother-Child separation for too long,

The one who mined minerals out of the sacred mountains,

Who else is my enemy, if not you?

The one that imprison the abode and educated High lamas,

The one that demolished the sacred sites and institutions down to ashes,

The one that burns away the sacred Buddhist text,

Who else is my enemy, if not you?

The one that has done the destruction and deforestation,

The one that drives the domesticated animals into the slaughterhouse,

The one that is eliminating and eradicating the cultural identity,

Who else is my enemy, if not you?

By Sonsnow

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  1. Every developed nation is guilty of these crimes.

    My heart weeps for your beautiful homeland.

    On this planet, one out of every sixty five people is homeless now.

    Soon we will have to remember how to work together in peace, with consideration for all people.

    I believe extraterrestrial contact will free up the resources for a more reasonably abundant human lifestyle, and brightening sunshine (along with the forceful realization that we have just about ruined our planet) will bring us to receive them calmly.

    Apparently, this is what some far seeing monks found when asked whether or not we were going to destroy ourselves.

    We’d better hurry, because planetwide we are down to only 3% of our wildlife and 5% of our old growth trees. Perhaps within our lifetimes your homeland, and all the homelands of our world, will begin to be restored.

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      1. I have tried the reblog from another account from here and its working. Still wondering about the issue, I will solve the same very soon.
        Please feel free to share it anywhere you want, I will be most grateful.

  3. Very heart touching and thought provoking post. I wish people also used their hearts along with their brains. The monsters don’t realize that one who digs pits for others, will fall into it himself. Good work.

    1. Thank you, Aparna ji. Hope the message of love and compassion spread far and wide, so that we will witness a better and brighter future. Thank you for always encouraging me to move ahead.

  4. We are all of us guilty in some respects Sonam, especially if we keep silent on such matters.
    Despite the present dark Outlook we see in the world. I feel within my heart, many are now begining to wake and speak out.
    We are in a time of revelations and the dark is coming out into the light.
    While what will be exposed will be difficult. Its needed, So as we unify around our world to eliminate the evil, we have to come together so we do not allow this darkness ever again to control our world..

    Many thanks for standing and speaking your truth 🙏

  5. Well said. You won’t find many people in England not on the side of the Tibetan people. The Chinese are just so greedy and so repressive.

    1. CCP’s expansionist policy is gaining its strength as its debt trep diplomacy is not considered a serious concern by the poorer nations. I wonder why bigger nations are not standing against the aggressive and repressive policy of CCP.

  6. There will always be evil, prejudice and greed in power and in each of our hearts. There will always be love, forgiveness, sacrifice and a yearning for unity and peace. Love wins in the big game. Standing with you and the nations in prayer and unity.

    1. Thank You Dawn, your support and solidarity means a lot. May the grace of god be with us in eliminating the ignorance and illusions, and may his ever guiding principles guide us to the light of freedom. May the love and peace prevail and done justice to the just cause.

  7. I hope there comes a time at the earliest for people to not act like monsters. Prayers for everyone who had and are enduring the hardships because of these monsters.

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