Why are you so Silent?

Why are you so silent?

When your countrymen continue to scream in great pain, Behind the bars with broken bones.

Why are you so silent?

When the monasteries and nunneries are destroyed and demolished down to ashes.

Why are you so silent?

When the forests are fired and trees cut down to Timbers in great number.

Why are you so silent?

When the monks and nuns in great numbers are forcibly evicted from their institutions.

Why are you so silent?

When the singers and writers are imprisoned for speaking out the injustice imposed upon them.

Why are you so silent?

When they mined minerals out of the mountains and made a whole lot of holes in the Himalayas.

Why are you so silent?

When they installed eyes on every street pole and watched you pee and peep in deep silence.

Why are you so silent?

When the rivers and rivulet are controlled by building dams after dams.

Why are you so silent?

When you are not dumb and numb enough to ignore the injustice.

By Sonsnow

121 thoughts on “Why are you so Silent?

  1. Such a beautiful and poignant question!

    Could you please, read and comment about my today’s post? It is about an extraordinary Indian man whose
    life story was made into a film. It will melt your heart!

    Thank you!


  2. Been a while since you posted! Great poem! It deserves to be shared many a time! I wish others would feel such passion! Why is the world so indifferent to the plight of others???

    1. Extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for keeping eye on my updates. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. May the new year bring you a good health and Happiness in abundance. Hope we will see more and more people raise their voice for the voiceless innocent Tibetans who continues to suffer under the Chinese oppressive policies inside Tibet.
      Thank You for the support!

    1. Thank You for going through and gives time to write back. Wishing you all luck, good health and happiness in abundance. Hope this year would be different in many ways.

  3. You’ve given us much to think on and hopefully turn into action. Also, I like your quote at the beginning,”I have enough time to rest but I don’t have a minute to waste”. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. May it be a blessing to you.

  4. Such a deep poem. Very passionate and soulful. We need more such questions like this. It is time for the world to stop being silent and you expressed it in such a meaningful way. Thank you!

  5. Passionate and heartfelt words! I too believe in speaking out against any injustice I see. But as I grow older, I have begun to wonder – does it do any good? I’m talking about private lives, not public ones. I have found that the moment I start arguing with someone, they harden their stance. It becomes, in fact, counter productive. I’d like to learn from the Dalai Lama how to initiate a peaceful discussion!

  6. “Being *silent* is having many things *&*values to expound on
    when the time is right to reveal your truths *&* solutions
    making the world a safe and fair place to live in in peace.”_-Van Prince

  7. Why are so many of us silent indeed? As citizens of the world we need to ensure justice and truth in all things especially when it comes to the fate of your people. Powerful poetry from the heart.

  8. Such powerful lines which touch on so much suffering and destruction. If these events are taking place in your country, I pray that people will awaken and prevent these losses. Beautifully worded and constructed lines.

  9. Territorial expansion on the back of a powerful army is the only game in town. Unfortunately. Despite all societies calling themselves peace-loving. Laughable. Nobody steps back. And we the people egg on our political leaders.

  10. Genuine question ⁉️
    Who will Bell the cat 😺?
    Human kind is not kind.
    Plants, animals are becoming in the state of extinction.
    Sixth extinction will be of human being the human being.
    You have raised the point🤚
    Who will come forward?
    I have heard that Bhutan is the country who is number one in the world in keeping the environment in best condition 🙂
    Thank you so much for your post. It will open our eyes 🙂🙏

  11. I had the enormous privilege to visit Tibet in 1986. An experience I shall never forget. What happened to your people is heart-breaking, tragic. In the small way I am able, I will always support Free Tibet. Blessings.

  12. Soul shaking. I appreciate you vividly painting in words the battle wounds and scars lived by your people and nation and hope healing come your way. 💟

  13. Profound and beautifully written with thoughts of great importance. Our voices hold great power when we use them… My hope is we will come together in Unity to make a difference. Thank you for this 💕🕊💕

    1. Thank you Linda for expressing your support and solidarity to our just cause. With Unity, we will defeat all the devil-minded rulers and contribute in maintaining a peace and harmony in the world.

  14. “Hole in the himalayas” was deepest and so my personal favourite. Poem as a whole is just beautiful and natural (looks like it was written without an effort).

  15. Painful forthright questions…and maybe I’m cynical, but I doubt anyone will offer honest answers. Thanks much for visiting my blog, Sir.

  16. Wise words within your poem. Those who stay silent are complicit. Thank you for opening up your throat chakra to voice your thoughts 🙏 And thank you for following my blog Dreamwalkers Sanctuary. 🙏

      1. Thank you so very much, Happy exploring, I hope you find things that resonate with you Sonam. 🙏
        I see your passion here on your own blog which also speaks with my heart…
        Many now are awakening their hearts to unify our consciousness..
        Thank YOU. 🙏

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