If I die here on a Foreign Soil

Protest against CCP Centenary celebration, New Delhi

If I die here on a foreign soil

Bury me not, burn me Instead

I have stayed here long enough

with high hopes of homecoming,

Send some of my ashes back to my homeland,

As I have promised to return not long after

Ask my parents not to cry in great grief

They have cried enough in all those years,

Ask them to forget their son,

Who doesn’t deserve a place in their heart,

But tell them they have raised a Men

Who fought well enough until his last breath,

For a nation that is under an Oppression

And for a Country whose Countrymen continues to suffer,

They might smile a bit after it

And I can Rest In Peace

By Sonsnow

64 thoughts on “If I die here on a Foreign Soil

      1. peace and love, like a blade of grass, are a sword or word. Be safe and well you and yours. Thank you too.

  1. Very powerful and touching. I hope your efforts are not in vain. May you love to see your people and country be returned to each other.

  2. Hello Bro
    It touched to my nerves, it brought me an instant waves of energy which made myself shivering. Yes, you and I have same pains to cure.
    We shall overcome!!!

    1. Thanks, bro🙏
      The pains we have been carrying for so long, the tears we have been shedding for so long would surely find an answer. Let us strengthen our movement and good things will surely welcome us someday.
      Yes, we shall overcome bro!!

  3. Blessings for success in your fight. The reason I have dedicated myself to the work I am doing, lifetime, after lifetime, is to shut down the dark forces everywhere and free all life upon this planet and the planet itself. Peace and Oneness are my goals. May your fight soon be ended and you returned to your family and country.

    Thanks for following my blog, I appreciate it.

  4. Hey there. This poem just rattled me down to the bones. Everything will be alright! The whole world is with you. Our powers, our energies. Glad to have found your blog, new friend!

  5. This is raw and real. Thank you for sharing the poem, and your honesty in these words. Kia kaha (stay strong) and I pray for pragmatic positive motion. ❤

  6. Hi Sonam, thank you for subscribing to my site, https://junglestories.blog.
    I’m honored. I know it’s hard for you folks to be away from your land; we all need our own ground to a flourish , just like a plant which needs a soil that is natural to it to grow and flourish. And transplanting it may or may not work but it does lose it’s essence. But sometimes going on a rough journey you can become stronger and hardier and that is my hope for you and your folks , that you come out of this journey and change stronger and rise like phoenixes from the ashes of despair and deprivation. All the very best .

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