Ask me Not

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not
I am the descendent of deadly warriors
Who long before bowed before no one
And held their head high at their death

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not,
I am the descendent of kings and Warriors
Who ruled half of the world not long before
With the wise men’s wisdom from the back
And the mighty forces from the front.

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not,
I am the guardian of the murdered men’s last word
And the voice of the voiceless prisoners
who are silenced under the censorship
and suppressed under the dictatorship.

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not,
I am the son of snow-land
who owns the ornamental Everest mountains
And the long-running rivers and rivulet
That feeds freshwater to the rest of Asia.

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not,
I am the holder of the height of Buddha Dharma
Who can explain the emptiness and impermanence,
That can feed the heart and mind of the Mankind
Amidst the madness of the materialist world

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not,
I am an unarmed army
who was exiled not long before,
For pointing little long fingers for freedom
And for twisting my little lengthy tongue for truth

Ask me not if I can surrender to the CCP
I am not, and I can not,
I have Truth and Justice
The weapon of weak and strong
With which I have to be victorious
for the Justice to prevail amongst us.

By Sonsnow

*CCP: Chinese Communist Party

76 thoughts on “Ask me Not

  1. God and truth WILL prevail in the end. The questions become, when will that end occur and how? The communism of Eastern Europe crumbled “in a blaze of candles in the churches of Eastern Europe,” said Senator Sam Nunn at the time (1989). One night a million peaceful protestors marched with their candles and law enforcement seemed powerless against their force. That was the night the Berlin Wall came down without a single gunshot, and soon ten nations were released from communist control (from Philip Yancey’s book, What’s So Amazing about Grace?). We must pray that God raises up his people for another nonviolent revolution that provides liberty and freedom for those still under the thumb of oppressive regimes.

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  2. I love the way you summon strength from your ancestors and use your beautiful and powerful words to share it. It’s such a long road to freedom. Be safe and well, and keep writing!

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  3. I am from Varanasi Sarnath. The University of Tibet is close to my house, I am aware of the truth due to the talks with the students there. Communist imperialism of China is swallowing Tibet, it is not only a threat to Tibet, but also to India, you are making the world aware of the truth, your effort is commendable.

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    1. So good to hear about it, I have been there several times. Although I wasn’t lucky enough to hear the words of wisdom about the four noble truth from Buddha himself, I was lucky enough see the sights where he sermoned his disciples. Such an enlightening sight.
      May the truth prevail and all the injustice practice cease to exist soon.

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      1. Rightly said, Sarnath is a very beautiful and educational place. It is a pleasant experience to present the teachings of the Buddha to the world by the Tibet University at present.
        Awareness efforts by Tibetan students for the freedom of Tibet are commendable. FREE TIBET .

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  4. Though you are closer to China, and more likely to feel the unreasonable oppression of the CCP, it is time for the rest of the world to band together in non-violent, non-cooperation against a regime that is amoeba-like in it’s engulfing of more peoples, states, lands, islands, seas, and souls. The more serious virus to come out of China is the current CCP political philosophy.

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  5. Sonam these are very brave words, and I absolutely agree with you and hope that all your wishes for your beloved China come true with great speed. I am, however, worried for you! Solidarity and best wishes from SF.

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    1. Thank you Chris, you to stay safe amidst this chaos caused by the CCP made Covid-19. Sending you a lot of good wishes from Dharamshala, the current seat of the Tibetan exile government and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.


  6. “I am the guardian of the murdered men’s last word” — what a chilling, poignant image. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt poem, and your courage

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