Dreaming Democracy!

His hair blown bits by bits
And got a ball like bald over his head,
Her hair growing greyish bits by bits
And getting old by ages in her exilic years,
But faith has bounded them both,
And dreaming of democracy under the dragon’s claw.

His imagination is wide and vast
And it could last for long,
Her hope is high and bright
And it could last for a lifetime,
But trust has bounded them both
And expecting to expel the agony of our enemy.

His courage and capability is incompatible,
And could cause chaos to the Chinese government,
Her spirit and strength are strong enough
And could be a threat to their authoritarian leadership,
But a Compassion has bounded them both
And forgiven the enemy for the annexation and occupation.

By Sonsnow

38 thoughts on “Dreaming Democracy!

      1. Yes, His Holiness visits Madison every year, although I have not seen him personally. There is a Tibetan Buddhist temple here called Holy Wisdom. At the yearly International Festival many Tibetans wear traditional clothing. It is wonderful.

  1. Happy New Lunar Year. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have been recovering from a health issue so not blogging recently but I will again soon. I liked reading your poem. I admire greatly the people in HongKong who are standing up to the Chinese Government at their own risk. Honestly I am worried about what the future might hold if China decided to forcibly attack Taiwan. We used to have foreign students stay with us while in Canadian high school. One of my favorites was from China. I think it is important that we remember that people are separate from government. I am hopeful at my age, 62, that will world will stay peaceful and that countries will work together so everyone prospers, and that will mean peace.

    1. Thanks for going through my poems, and glad that you have recovered. Sending many prayers from India, the land of Lord Buddha for your health and happiness amidst this global pandemic. Hopefully, a better and brighter world of democracy come up in the coming years.

  2. Bhutan Nepal China and 🇲🇲 national security affairs council and ya real threats to the people who yearn to be Libre! Freedom the cure for what ails Humanity and ya China is out of bounds in the killing of the Allahu Akbar believers who are still living in the concentration camps and other human beings are in danger of being 😱😱😱😢✊🏾👍🏾🇩🇴🇺🇸🧬☮️😎🙏♒️🐕

  3. Thank you for following my poetry – when I read yours I feel very honored by that, so have returned the favour. Keep writing! I have chinese family so have very mixed feelings about the country you seem to write about quite often. It is where I have enjoyed much hospitality, and people are people everywhere, good, bad and funny and welcoming etc . I wrote this a long time ago:

    China’s Profit

    All the tea in China
    Could not begin to bring that country rest.
    The ceremony turns its face
    to greedy tourists
    thinking the leaf picked at midnight
    under a full moon
    by virgins
    Will taste better than the one
    steeped in bitter envious discontent.
    Certainly, it costs more.

  4. Hi Tsonam
    Thank you for following The Morning Frigate. I look forward to enjoying your post too. You have a big mission. You face a Goliath! I pray for democracy for you all.

    PS if you sign up on my email list, we can converse more discreetly. Or send me yours.

    Rod Schorr

  5. Hello sir, I am coming by to thank you for the follow. I do remember the American Dream and the promise that if one works hard they will succeed. My folks believed in the dream and worked their way to success..We are not a perfect democracy, but a work in progress. We may make it to the other side and if we can’t you can’t say we didn’t try.

  6. Dearest Sonam, I am an American, and I have never felt the depth of love for my country that you feel every moment of every day for your homeland. In some twisted way, it seems that you are the richer for it. I am touched that you chose to follow my site, and I have now done the same in return. May blessings rain sweetly upon you and those for whom you stand.

    1. Thank you so much for sending your encouraging word from a far distance. I am deeply touched and gave me more strength to move forward for the freedom of Tibet.
      I extend my sincere thanks and sending you good wishes for the good health amidst this global pandemic caused by the CCP.

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