(What I dear to dream)

While the virtual world is giving me a great view of big buildings and the sky touching towers of the west,
I so often dream of the dusty and rusty courtyard of my birthplace.

While the virtual world is portraying me the beauty of love and luxury life of the west,
I so often dream dancing on the hometown grassland with a highland lass.

While the virtual world is entertaining my eyes with the wonders of the west,
I so often dream of wandering in the wilderness of windy and snowy heavenly homeland.

While the virtual world from south to north and from east to the west seems to suits my interest,
I so often dream of the duty I was born to handle and bound to be at my best.

By Sonsnow

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  1. This piece is pure poetry Sonam. I have never been separated from the home that I love, I’m certain not in the same manner you are, but your words capture the totality of the experience of being kept from your homeland to which you still feel connected, while feeling the pull of somewhere else.

  2. You are really really really good in bringing reality to your poem!
    Every single poem of yours talks about what’s real and not what is not! And that’s what I loved about your blog!
    So different! In a good way of course!

    You have an amazing blog!

    Aathmana ❤️
    Read. Love. Live.

    1. Thank you so much for your ecouraging word, I am learning a lot from your blog too. May you continue to spread love and peace around you!
      With Peace

  3. Social media has barrows many ideas of what peace of mind and good well-being being lush luxury creature comforts far from nature. Your words are soothing. Such a refreshing read

  4. Home is where the heart is! Ahh, beautiful writing. So heartfelt. It’s often difficult to be living in two worlds at the same time, your writing brings out that dilemma perfectly. Kudos! ✨

  5. Your post is full of points that need to be made, and repeated over and over, until the world knows exactly what is going on. Tibet is but one country where people are suffering from distress such as you describe. I am glad you felt brave enough to put your feelings out there in public so that we can make connection with a real person. Thank you for bringing all this to our attention.

  6. Hi Sonam,
    Just came across your blog after I saw you may have been reading mine.. This is incredibly inspiring writing. I plan to spend some time learning more about Tibet and you and your work. In all honesty I consider myself interested and I believe I have some knowledge of what happens/has happened around the world, yet unfortunately I can’t say I know enough about the history of the Tibetan people. I hope to learn more, and maybe this blog will help. Anyways, super inspiring, love the music and look forward to reading and learning more.

  7. I looked for an About page for you on this blog. I have one on my blog as sometimes I think readers want to know about me. I would recommend to you that you create one.

  8. Dear Sonam, I pray that you will find heavenly places to dwell in the spirit more glorious and satisfying to you than your beautiful homeland was. I have been touched by your longing for the beauty and joy you once had in your native country, but I’m a believer in the best to come for all who seek and treasure truth and who love life. It is happening for me now due to my becoming a “snow woman” (one who has chosen not to remember sins, covering them with love (snow.) I had forgiven people (or so I thought), but was shown recently that unless I chose to remember their sins no more, I hadn’t fully forgiven them. You and your beautiful blog’s name have been a sign and a witness to me that I have done this along with an incredible joy in my heart. May you have it too, dear precious sonsnow.
    Thank you for posting such lovely writings and for sharing yourself with us. God bless!

    1. I extend my utmost respect and sincere thanks for sharing your kind and loving words. I am deeply touched and humbled by your thoughts and prayer. Hopefully, a heavenly home I am longing for so long will attain its rightful independence and receive me back with bouquets of flowers. That day the snow-capped mountains and the high peaks will bow down to us in pride.

  9. You write beautifully and movingly, Sonam. Sometimes dreams might come true.

    Thank you for reading and ‘liking’ my Literary post.


  10. You are beautiful and so as your words. I was talkimg about to my colleage this morning. Everyone can feel it.
    Hope conquer your dream

  11. Hello Friend,

    I was going through my emails and found this one of yours. I wanted to reach out since we have not written each other in quite a long time. How are you? How is your family? Have you been affected by COVID? Lots of questions. The violence and unrest here is unbelievable. I am embarrassed at the way our country has and is handling things since the outbreak of COVID. Americans feel they are entitled and have no regard for their own or anyone else’s safety. I had COVID this time last year for 6 weeks. It was brutal and now I am left with the “long hauler effects”, as they say. I am leaving a job this week that I have had for the past two years and some months. It was possibly one of the worst experiences of my life. I hope you are doing as well as you can be given the situation of this World.

    Sending love and best wishes, Lisa

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    > Sonam Tsering posted: ” While the virtual world is giving me a great view > of big buildings and the sky touching towers of the west,I so often dream > of the dusty and rusty courtyard of my birthplace. While the virtual world > is portraying me the beauty of love and luxu” >

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