When I die…

When I die,
Bury me not under the burials of bricks
Burn me not with bushes and twigs
Offer my organs to those in needs
And save some for future seeds

When I die,
Do no regular rituals and rights
Do no crying and crawling at my sights
Just do good to the people I care
And do spread the smiles I share

When I die,
Wash me not with your tears
And wait for me not with cheers
I will set myself free to fly
to the land, I long to die

When I die,
Do let me die in peace
With wide-open mouth in cheese
Leave no works undone anywhere
And leave no room for regrets somewhere

By Sonsnow

40 thoughts on “When I die…

  1. Certainly, don’t spend more time mourning than living. But the bigger question from your lead off picture (which is cool looking by the way) is, where are you going and how do you know? If we know that you know that you are going to heaven because you have trusted God’s Son, Jesus, to take away your sins, then our mourning will be momentary and our joy will be lasting.

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    1. Thanks for taking time out to read my scribbles, We have saying in Tibetan, “Look at your present body to see what you have done in your past lives, look insight your heart to see where would you be in the next lives”. So its all depend on the karmic cycle of existence. After all you are the master of your own destiny. No one has control over your destiny and direction other than yourself.

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  2. It seems that being able to look at death bravely, as your poem does, allows one to live more freely. Beautiful poem about a situation that none of us will be able to escape. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for stopping by my blog.

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