I enjoyed every bit of breath I have taken and I enjoyed every bit of the beautiful scenery I have seen in this beautiful country.
Every bit of beautiful things about Bhutan tells me of how beautiful Tibet could be if it remained independent, in annexed, unoccupied by the aggressiveness and oppressiveness of the Chinese communist government.

If Tibet remained Independent

The grasses must have grown greener
Trees must haven’t turned into timbers
The mountains must have not been mined
Rivers must be running in its natural flow
Rivulet must have been cooler and cleaner
The monks and monasteries must have been in peace
Their prayers must have been a little louder
Their voice must have not been in hoarseness
The Potala palace must have held its height little higher
Bakor street must have its own essence
The song of the sixth Dalai Lama must be singing on the street
The son of snow land must not have been singing his song in silent
He must not have been running and roaming for freedom
He must be having his loved ones by his side

By: Sonsnow

12 thoughts on “Bhutan

  1. Tibet was a beauty place before the PLA and Communist moved in.
    Very sad, everywhere the CCP and PLA goes, they bring with them violence, destruction, and corruption.

  2. Beautiful, Sonam. I too love Bhutan, and can visualize Tibet as a free state. And yes, that Big Country has much to account for. Right now they are taking over land in Africa and other continents and countries hit by covid and economical downfall. They buy everything and if we don’t watch our steps, we will all be trapped in the yellow net…

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