Chinese Chow Mein

“The economy dominates the world so much that everybody chooses to buy the cheap Chinese Chow Mein (Chinese cuisine) and when it comes to the human rights issues, they are shocked and chocked with Chinese chopsticks.”

By: Sonsnow

12 thoughts on “Chinese Chow Mein

  1. Yours is the poetry with prophetic voice. Continue to write bravely, truthfully. Sometimes the artists and poets really can change the world.

  2. It seems throughout Chinese history the corporate good outweighs the individual worth every time. In democratic countries the effort is to create a blend that works both ways. Another problem is that a very small oligarchy is deciding and defining the corporate good and the benefit for the masses may be but trickle down crumbs. On the other hand in capitalist western democracies the best hope for far too many is also mere trickle down crumbs.

    1. So true, Sir, another sad truth is that the cheap Chinese goods are making their way out to the western world and eating the western democracy.

  3. This is not about Chinese Cuisine at all. This speaks of Chinese Economic Imperialism at the ultimate expense of all of humanity. The fact of Marxist failure is lost on a materialistic world which seeks cheap product, even at the price of oppression. Meanwhile we all know the Pigs have moved into Jones’s FARM HOUSE!It is not just a Sino of the times.

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