Forget me not..

Tug me in your little tittle-tattles
and I will cheer you in my bitter battles,
but forget me not after my death rattles

Talk of me in your tears
and I will chase away your fears,
but forget me not when you cheers

Greets me with your grins
And I will dear you in my dreams,
But forget me not in a glimpse

Read me in your poems
And I will call you in my hymns,
But forget me not in your rhymes

Write me down in your note
And I will code you in my quote,
But forget me not after a dot

Sing me in your song
And I will remember your lyrics for long,
But forget me not in your gong

Bury me down in the coffins
And not long after I will call boffins,
But forget me not so often

By: Sonsnow

8 thoughts on “Forget me not..

  1. That’s a fantastic poem. The rhythm is melodious and absolutely enchanting. I love the theme and meaning too! And thank you for the follow!!

    1. Thank You so much for taking time out to have a look at my poems and coming up with inspiring and encouraging words. Your comments and kind suggestions will contribute me in writing more of such kind.

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