When politics are in play!

When the politics are in play
With one interest over another,
Will our cause be a card?
To be played among the Politicians?

When the world rolls over the golden ball
With all eyes open to grab it with a glimpse,
Will they see the smokes rising from a far distance?
Will they hear the screams from the invisible cells?

When the leaders lined one after another
With a split seconds smiles,
Will they share the truth of tyranny?
Will they care the cry of a commoner?

When the borders and boundaries are marked
With a line of arms and ammunition,
Will the truth get a gate pass?
Will justice be done in favor of freedom?

When the world lust for money and power
With all in once shaking each other’s hand,
Will the wellbeing of commoners be considered?
Will they still stand strong with Truth and Justice?

When the world waits and watches the great wall to rise
with so many expectations of economic exchange,
will they see the bloodstained bricks of the wall?
will they hear the voice of voiceless buried behind the wall?

When the world watches the dragonfly show,
with so many optical illusions and dramatic displays,
will they see the yaks yelling for their rightful place?
will they care the cry of a little lamb on the corner?

When the world marches to match the great powers
with so much haste and so much cost,
will they wait for the Human rights to raise its height?
will they slow down their pace for peace and democracy?

When the Chinese government goes round and round,
with so many sweet talks and strategic smiles,
will the world dare to disapprove their dramatic displays?
will the world dare to question their loyalty in the long term?
By Sonsnow

14 thoughts on “When politics are in play!

  1. Powerful but the world hasn’t listened yet, they are so besotted with power and trade they wont ever listen .. 🙁
    Nice to meet you Tsering, where do you live?

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