Here you came, My Love

Found this lovely love shaped stone from the Prashar lake hill…


Here you came my love
Came out of cliffs and cobblestones
Washed away by the rains and rivers
Crashed in between the cliffs and clouds
Rolled in between the rocks and stones
Here you came out of all those mysteries,

Here you came my love
Came up to this distance
From the far distant rivers and rivulet
From the far distant streams and streets
Came from too far away from my sight
You came at last into my hand,

Here you came my love
I wonder what brought you here
Up to the hill of this height
What brought you here?
Up in the middle of many mountains
Here you came at last in my hand,

Here you came my love
In a shape of love and heart,
So lovely to be loved by all
And so small to be carried away by anything
But here, at last, you came into my hand
And I Won’t leave you in lost my Love.
                                             by:  Sonsnow

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