Mr. President Xi Jinping

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Hi Mr. President (Xi Jinping)

They say so much about you
Long before you get to that post and Power
Long before you are known to us and all,
They say so much about you
As if you were their siblings
So close to their heart and Mind
And mind not to mention you even in their prayers,
They say you are Son of a good father
Who serves truth and Justice with Loyalty
A good man with a good Heart
Who cares People more than the Party,
They say so much about you
A man of Realistic and open minded
Who will hold his Father’s legacy of Loyalty
To truth and justice,
But,,,,, but they are all wrong
You have lost your father’s legacy of loyalty
Loyalty to truth and Justice
Loyalty to freedom and Democracy
Loyalty to the love words of lovely people
And you are not the man you meant to be,
They say so much about you
Long before you are up to that position
Long before you came to that Post and Power
But now you left them Dumb and Numb
You disgraced them with your Destructions
Destroyed our monasteries and nunneries down to the ground
Disrobed monks and nuns of all ages
Displaced nomadic places and pastures with mining materials
Holing out the hills
Mining out the Mountains
Burning sacred temples
Brothers and sisters burned to death
and it crosses 160 in numbers at your term
Mr. President
How cruel and cunning you are?
You talk about the Unity
But yet you treat them differently and discriminately
You talk about the language rights
But yet you imprisoned the language activist
who preserve and protect the language,
you talk about the sacredness and significance of Buddhism
but yet you give no Freedom of religion,
Oh, Mr. President!
You talk too good
And all are shits at its practice
Now they say so much about you
And all are Shits as it should be.

By Sonsnow

6 thoughts on “Mr. President Xi Jinping

    1. Thank You so much. I will do as you said and at the same time I have to raise my voice for the voiceless Tibetans buried behind the high standing Himalayas. For which I am ready to risk my life.

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