I feel Awful!

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I feel awful

As I catch up a cough and cold so easily

with little coldness I exposed,

That wasn’t me

the long before Bhopai Bhu (Tibetan Boy)

Who stands all alone in the snowy mountains

without a single sign of shivering and Shaking of coldness,

I feel awful and ashamed by now

I can’t call myself (sonsnow) the son of snow land,

I feel awful

As my tongue has lost its taste

the Taste to Taste the Tsampa

Which fed me for so long,

I feel Awful and Ashamed

As my tongue has lost its taste

the taste with which I was born,

It only Tastes the Taste of a Tea

Half sugar and un-filled another half,

I feel Awful

As my eye rolls

Long before that sister pass by,

It rolls from right to left

From left to right

Up and down all at once,

I feel awful and ashamed

To the greatness of Great Gurus

Whose guide for godliness in me must have gone long before.

By: Sonsnow

6 thoughts on “I feel Awful!

  1. Sonsnow (what a great name!) you are a gifted writer! You heart just sings an amazing melody. What a beautiful lament. I have been gone from my homeland for close to 30 years now – I can’t believe it – and my heart echoes your sentiments. Very well written.

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