A Call……

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OH Friend

You too have received that call?

From a far distant Home,

Did You?

On that morning right?

Just before the breakfast was served,

Your phone beeps

And you have received that call

From an unknown number

You have heard a familiar voice

And you got the news, right?

News which nails our heart

And that call

Which ripped us apart all at once,

All of a sudden

You have received that call

Which leave us all in numb and dumb

That call right?

Which we Exilic brothers were born to bear

That call

which we don’t want to pick up

And You have received it, right?

And You bowed down to a table

Black and blind, numb and dumb

You left dead in despair

You have received that call

That,,, that,,,,, call

Which I don’t want to receive

That,,, that,,,, call

You have received it

That …..that …call..


“Your Mother Passed Away”


By: Sonsnow

9 thoughts on “A Call……

  1. So sad ! I understand your sentiments. I learnt about my mom’s demise in approximately the same way. I find solace writing poetry about my mom when she was alive and we were together. May you find solace in your poetry.

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